(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – FOX 46 has had the opportunity to introduce you to women who have made amazing contributions in the Queen City.

In March, you met the four finalists in our Remarkable Women contest, and we were honored to announce the winner for Remarkable Woman of the Year was our very own Fonda Bryant.

Fonda Bryant is a life saver.

Last year, she came across some social media comments from a college football player she followed through a friend. They seemed a little troubling, so she reached out to the player.

“He said I could really use your help because I’m struggling too. So we started texting offline. And he told me two weeks before you reached out to me, I was planning my suicide. So I was able to save his life,” Bryant said.

Fonda Bryant is a well known advocate for mental health and wellness. Struggling and overcoming her own challenges, she is a certified instructor in suicide prevention training.

She trains businesses, attorneys and universities on how to recognize and respond to signs of a possible mental health crisis.

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Well, Bryant not only took our local Remarkable Women Title, but she also made it to the final round in the competition for our parent company, Nexstar.

Fonda joined Good Day Charlotte live on Friday morning to share her experience. Watch below: