CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- FOX 46 continues to report on an appliance repairman accused of taking money for jobs he never completes.

In February, a judge ruled John Jackson can no longer advertise or perform repair work in North Carolina. The ruling followed a lengthy FOX 46 investigation into mounting complaints against him.

Just the other week, however, another consumer (this time from South Carolina) reached out to FOX 46 saying the repairman got her too.

“That’s him! There’s no doubt. That’s him,” said Rhonda Blackwood as she re-watched stories on

All Blackwood has to go on is her receipt, and the memory of what her repairman looked like.

“My daughter was furious,” she said.

Blackwood says she hired a repairman to fix an ice buildup in her freezer.


Total materials: $319 and a one-year warranty for a grand total of $493.08. Blackwood says, however, an hour after the guy left, her ice maker wasn’t working at all.

“I called him multiple times, sent him text messages,” she said. “He never responded after that.”

She and her daughter searched online, and found our reports on John Jackson. Last November, FOX 46 hired him for a fake repair job to show he was still doing work despite a judge’s order banning him from doing repair jobs in North Carolina.

When we answered the door, Jackson yelled, “Oh, my God!”

After telling him we’ve been waiting to meet him, Jackson responded, “I bet you have!”

Blackwood described what she thought when she saw the interaction. “He got fairly close to you at that point before he realized you were standing there,” she said, “and even his voice when he said, ‘oh, my God’ and ran away,” she continued, “I had no doubt that it was him.”

Blackwood lives in South Carolina, though, where, as far as we’re aware, Jackson hasn’t been banned from doing work.

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“Why isn’t anyone stopping this man?” she asked. “How is he still able to go in and scam people and take their money? I don’t understand how he’s still walking the street,” she continued. “How is he even still able to do this? Why hasn’t he been arrested?”

When FOX 46 called the number Blackwood had for her repairman, it got redirected to another number, one we’ve called in the past to reach John Jackson.

FOX 46 reached out to the South Carolina Attorney General, but their office said in South Carolina, the Department of Consumer Affairs handles consumer complaints, so we reached out to them.

Bailey Parker, Communications Director at the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs said, “Because we don’t have jurisdiction over repairmen, we don’t have the ability to ‘go after the bad guy,’ right?”

She later encouraged consumers to file complaints if they’ve been ripped off. “What I always tell consumers is, if you don’t file a complaint then for sure nothing is going to happen,” she said.

Consumer Affairs told us they have jurisdiction over people and industries they license – not rogue repairmen.

So FOX 46 reached out to the Federal Trade Commission.

“If a consumer reports to us, we have their address, we have their contact details,” said Emma Fletcher, FTC Consumer Protection Program Analyst, “so in the event we have a successful case against that company, we have that information to return any funds that’re recovered.”

While the FTC doesn’t respond directly to individuals, the consumer complaints play a key role in helping them build a case.

“Obviously we encourage them to report it to the FTC,” Fletcher said, “and we are a central hub, so that information is going to get out there, but it certainly never hurts to also bring it to the attention of local law enforcement.”

Since Blackwood lives in York, FOX 46 reached out to the York County Sheriff’s Office. Reps said they don’t have any records filed against Jackson or any active warrants. In North Carolina, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office said Jackson has 12 warrants out for his arrest.

If you feel like you’ve been scammed, here are links to various agencies in both North and South Carolina where you can do so:

North Carolina

Attorney General

Local law enforcement

South Carolina

Attorney General

Department of Consumer Affairs

Local law enforcement

Other agencies

Better Business Bureau

Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Product Safety Commission