CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A lot of people in the Charlotte area don’t really know what to expect with the winter storm that’s making its way towards us.

It’s a wait and see attitude right now, but people are stocking up– in fact, they were doing it before the sun went down Thursday night.  

With all the predictions of snow and ice, the preparation has officially started. For some, it’s not just bread and milk. 

“Things like protein and vegetables and water,” said Allison Ivy, who is stocking up ahead of the winter weather.  

But for many others, bread and milk are the essentials. A look at one local grocery stores shows shelves emptied out. 

People do seem to be preparing, and emergency officials in the county say despite whatever anyone may say, it’s best to do it now, instead of later, because later is when people take chances.

”If I see something that concerns me, it’s people that drive like they’re on dry pavement in the snow,” Chief Ray Allen with the Concord Police Department said.

The chief tells FOX 46 that in case anyone does take that chance, they will have extra staffing and people heading out in four-wheel drive vehicles. They know where they don’t expect any major issues. 

“Your 29s, Highway 3, 85, Union St., Cabarrus Ave., Poplar Tent and Weddington will get treated first, so they should be as good a shape as we can possibly keep them,” Chief Allen said. 

But they also know of places that will be a problem.

“Some main secondary roads that could cause some trouble– Wilshire Ave., north Charlotte,” the Chief says.

For now, the problem is finding that you need, and  just waiting for what’s expected to come.

“I’m trying to get some water, some milk and some Pull-ups for my kid,” Rose Aristy told FOX 46. 

“I know my daughter goes to school in kannapolis, so we’re getting ready for that in case there’s a snow day,” Aristy said. 

Despite all the preparations, the Concord Fire Chief tells me that most people usually have a habit of staying inside.  The traffic issues they have are few and far between.