CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — Neighbors in Cabarrus County were officially under a stay-at-home order Thursday. 

County officials say there’s no timeline on how long this stay at home order will last. Neighbors hope it’s not for long. 

“The longer this goes on, the more worried I’ll start getting so hopefully this ends kind of soon,” one resident told FOX 46.

It’s only the beginning of the stay at home order now in effect in Cabarrus County. The restrictions prompted by two deaths in the county related to the coronavirus.

One person from Virginia traveling through Cabarrus County died in the hospital in Concord and a Cabarrus county resident in their late seventies died from COVID-19 complications.

Under the stay at home order, people can go grocery shopping, order takeout, and go to parks, but only people known as “essential workers” can travel to work.

“I thought that was a good step they shut everything down and tried to avoid spreading it, it’s scary,” said Trevor Davis.

He works as a groundskeeper at Davidson College, but for the next two weeks he’s home taking care of the kids.
“They’re starting to get a little stir crazy obviously he’s really energetic and likes to be outside so it’s been really hard on them,” Davis said. 

The Sites family, another family in the neighborhood, has had to make adjustments

“I was obviously concerned so they’re passing that bill so my employer is keeping us on board, for the most part I worked out of the house anyway so I was doing a lot of remote work.” 

Even though three-year-old Brayden’s favorite play place was shut down, he’s still cruising through the neighborhood and his dad hopes he’s young enough not to notice all the changes around him.