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A local Subway worker was left shaken after she was punched in the face by an angry customer over the weekend. Now, she’s just hoping he’s caught before he makes another appearance. 

Haven Neal says she was attacked by the customer while working at the Subway on University City Boulevard. Neal says she knew something about the man was strange.  

“A little off, maybe on drugs or something,” she said. 

She says the man ordered a sandwich at the store on University City Boulevard around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. 

It’s store policy to scan every customer’s cash dollar bills, but she says he got upset with her for it.

“He spit on the counter and left,” Neal said. “I didn’t know someone could get so mad over scanning someone’s bill.” 

Neal started cleaning it up, but the man came back. That’s when he socked her in the face so hard it knocked her off her feet. 

“When he hit me I turned and I hit the counter behind me before hitting the floor,’ Neal said. 

She suffered several bruises, a chipped tooth and had to get stitches in her lip. Since then, she’s also been suffering from panic attacks.

“The next morning my lips were super swollen and that’s when I started noticing so bruises on my chest.” 

Coworkers believe the customer was flirting with Neal, but she shrugged him off. 

“I never really engage back with that, but I didn’t expect him to punch me in the face for it.” 

Neal says she worries about him coming back and now will stand farther from the register. 

Police are still looking for the man, described as having a muscular build and a gap in his teeth. He’s thought to be in his mid-twenties. There is security video of the assault but it’s not clear if police were given that video by Subway.