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CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) – A graphic assault caught on camera has been making the rounds on social media since the incident occurred on Saturday, April 7. 

A transgender woman says she was riding a CATS bus and confronted someone who she says slipped something in her drink earlier in the night. Moments later, he attacked her.

The victim in the assault, Jayla Ware, says she doesn’t remember much from the conversation that took place on the bus. She claims the man in the video, who she says she’s known her whole life, slipped PCP or a date rape drug in her drink.

“This incident has occurred because I noticed that he had put that in my drink,” Ware told FOX 46. “I was like ‘OMG. Like, really? You going to try to do me like you did someone else in the past?”

In the video, the disagreement begins when the two start going back and forth, talking about sex. The conversation then escalates when Ware approaches the man and appears to touch his face.

“I’ll bang anybody,” you hear Ware say in the video.

“Me too,” the suspect, who police later identified as Roy Hedman, responds. 

“I’ll bang you right now, OK,” Ware says.

“Don’t touch me,” Hedman says as Ware approaches him. 

Moments later, Hedman, starts throwing punches, even stomping on Ware’s head when she fell to the bus floor. Hedman was taken into custody by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police that night. 

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“I already knew what it was when I felt it. You can’t talk, you can’t swallow, you can’t eat,” said Ware.

She talked to FOX 46 about the horrific experience.

“It’s just a blessing to still be here. It’s so hard for me to get the help I need and the correct surgery I need. My jaw is broken and I’m talking to you with a broken jaw.” 

The video spread quickly online.

“I’ve seen a lot of violence in my neighborhood, however, that was one of the worst acts of barbarianism that I have seen in my entire life,” one person said after seeing the video. 

“Wow. No one stopped them. That could be a hate crime too if that was a transgender person,” said another. 

FOX 46 asked CMPD if they’re investigating it as a hate crime. They say they haven’t been able to determine if the incident was prompted by Ware’s sexual orientation, but she believes that’s exactly why she was attacked.

“I’m actually very upset that I had to go through this,” Ware said.