CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A Fort Lawn water main break is impacting Chester County residents and local schools Monday morning.

Residents got notices Sunday night with instructions to boil water “vigorously for one minute prior to using for cooking or drinking.”

Officials advise bottled water for small children and pets.

While officials work to repair the break, Chester County School officials said all schools will operate normally today, but all water fountains will be inoperable. They said staff can wash their hands with soap and utilize hand sanitizer during the day.

Students will not be allowed to drink the water, school officials said.

Officials said the district will deliver a few cases of bottled water to all school sites, but officials ask parents to send a few bottles of water. Sending bottles of water is not mandatory.

As for food service, student nutrition staff members have boil water advisory procedures in place to ensure the water is safe.

Chester Metropolitan Utilities will inform the public once the bacteriological samples are complete, and there is no timetable for service restoration.