CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Kristian Adams has two children in the Chester County School District. One of them attends Lewisville Middle School.

She was concerned when she heard that several parents asked Lewisville Middle School officials to investigate numerous allegations against a teacher and young female students.

“There was at that time more than enough evidence for the sheriff’s office to get involved,” Adams said.

Adams says her son, along with other male students, were called to the office and asked about the alleged incident between the teacher and students.

“As a parent, they did not contact us before, after or during any of this. We have not been told what was discussed with our kids, we have not been given copies of the statements that our kids did. Apparently, they were asked to do written and signed statements based on what they saw and have heard or may have witnessed,” she said.

And she’s not the only parent upset. One parent wrote in a Facebook group for Chester County parents: “I am very disappointed and disturbed of the adults and the school situation and want to know why as parents were not notified of any of this.”

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Adams says she and other parents have asked several times for more information, but they were met with silence. The school district says that’s because this is a personnel matter.

The school district sent Queen City News a statement that reads, in part:

“Chester County School District received information of a possible Title IX violation involving one of its employees. Upon learning of the allegations, the school involved immediately contacted the district’s human resources department and law enforcement to initiate the investigation in accordance with the protocols listed under Title IX. All persons in direct connection to the investigation, including students and parents, have been notified.”

Adams says that’s not true; she was never notified.

“Seems like the school used a policy called the ‘interrogation by staff members’ policy,” said Adams.

The policy says teachers and administrators may question students about any matter pertaining to the operation of the school and or enforcement of its rules.

“It’s a policy on how to interrogate a child, it’s not a policy that really would be used to talk to kids that might be potential victims. I feel like if something were to happen to or with my child at that school, I’m 100% positive I would be the last to know.”

The Chester County’s Sheriff’s office says they are investigating but can’t talk about the investigation because it’s a school personnel matter. As of now, there is no update into the investigation.