PAGELAND, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The tapwater is flowing back to normal for residents in one southwest Pageland area Friday after town officials lifted a boil water notice.

“The notice started Wednesday evening when we saw the sewer line – as soon as we started the sewer line, we sent out the notice, and then it came out of effect today,” said Stewart Johnson, the director of Pageland’s Public Works.

Analyses of the bacteriological samples collected from the drinking water system were contaminated. S.D. Department of Health and Environment Control officials advised the town to issue a boil water notice.

Residents south of Maynard Street and west of Sycamore Street had to vigorously boil their water for at least one full minute before drinking or cooking.

Pageland’s boil water notice

Johnson says the steps they took were precautionary.

“There were two open lines,” Johnson said. “Anytime you open up a water line system that because either a boil water advisory or a boil water notice and then with the sewer line (is involved), it was definitely a boil water notice at that point.”

Tests came back negative on Friday. Neighbors chose not to be on camera — but they say the notice wasn’t an inconvenience.

They experienced a few hours without water on Wednesday, low water pressure on Thursday, and no issue on Friday.

“What we did was, as soon as the water line was replaced, we actually had a vac truck removing as much as possible,” Johnson said. “So there was very little contamination to the water line if any, but we still followed that protocol.”

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Johnson added that after Pageland Public Works fixed the water and sewer lines, additional employees stayed overnight to flush the pipes.

Area residents can expect city employees to patch the road and remove orange cones as soon as conditions are favorable.