CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — UAPs are the new UFOs.   

Short for “Unidentified Anomalous or Aerial Phenomena,” UAPs are now the *formal* government name for the mysterious objects long known as UFOs.

They’ve become wildly popular, with lawmakers turning their attention to the phenomena for the first time, begging the question: 

Is anyone else out there?

The answer may be “Yes” if evidence introduced at a Mexican Congressional hearing is credible.

UFO Researcher Jaime Maussan has been investigating extraterrestrial curiosities for decades. He presented the remains of what he is convinced are two ancient “non-human” alien corpses. 

Lawmakers observed the tiny mummified specimens in glass display cases. Maussan testified authorities retrieved the bodies in 2017. Radiocarbon dating revealed them to be up to 1,800 years old.

According to reports, Maussan says investigators found fossilized specimens in Peruvian mines. He testified the remains are not related to any other species worldwide. A Mexican University conducted tests, allegedly revealing that about 30% of the specimen’s DNA did not come from known earthen materials or “not part of our terrestrial evolution.” 

This report comes on the heels of unprecedented congressional and public UFO hearings in the United States. A growing number of Americans and lawmakers are wondering if the government is hiding information about E.T.’s. Former U.S. Intelligence official David Grusch testified about his knowledge of a secret Pentagon program to retrieve and study crashed spaceships. He accused the government of hiding it from Congress.

The Pentagon has a new office designated to the investigation of UAPs. It created a website where the public can access declassified information about reported sightings. See for more.