RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The City of Raleigh is remembering the victims and lives changed by the mass shooting in the Hedingham neighborhood one year ago.

Five people were killed and two people were injured in the shooting.

Friday, the names of the victims were read aloud and there was a moment of silence.

Raleigh Police Sr. Chaplain Paul Anderson led the community in prayer.

“We ask now that you would help us with the survivors, help us with those who were victims and help us to heal Raleigh together,” he said.

For Robert Steele, the City of Raleigh’s remembrance ceremony is just one part of 365 days of healing.

“It has been rocky at times,” Steele said.

His fiancé Mary Marshall was one of five people killed in the mass shooting in Raleigh’s Hedingham neighborhood.

“It wasn’t until I woke up one morning with a hangover so bad that I couldn’t move that I realized I wasn’t fine like I was telling everybody I was, and then I got into therapy and that’s when it got hard,” Steele said.

Through therapy he was forced to relive that day. He said one year later he is doing ok, thanks to support from so many people.

“It gets easier with time because of the distance,” Steele said. “You still have bad days, but there are fewer and further between.”

WakeMed’s Director of Spiritual Care Dr. Jeremy Gilmore spoke about his experience that night. He said when he arrived at the hospital, a Raleigh Police officer rushed him to the ICU to meet with a victim’s family.

“I remember leaving the building emotionally numb from all I had experienced and simultaneously knowing we had done good work for our community,” Gilmore said.

A community that Steele hopes will continue to support one another.

“Notice the little things, you know, when your neighbor doesn’t say hi in the morning, but he said hi every other day, find out why, there’s probably something going on,” Steele said. “And that’s how we all heal together and that’s how we keep moving forward.”

The city also handed out heart shaped seeds so people could plant wildflowers in honor of the lives lost.

On Saturday, the City will host a ‘Raleigh Healing Together’ community day form 10 a.m. to noon at Nash Square. 

“This event will honor the people who responded to the many calls for help the day of the shooting, from public safety professionals and 911 team to the medical team at WakeMed,” the city said in a release. “In addition to a speaking portion, the event will feature resources on health, nutrition, mental health and gun violence prevention.”