FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — People are on edge in Fayetteville after four different human remains were discovered near Bragg Boulevard within the last three weeks.

Fayetteville Police are dispelling online rumors about a possible Bragg Boulevard serial killer.

“Right now, there is no evidence there is a correlation between any of these cases,” Major Todd Joyce with Fayetteville Police Department said.

The latest case happened on Monday, when a homeless person found scattered human bones in a muddy wooded area next to E-Z Auto along Bragg Boulevard. Police said the remains have been there for an extended period. They said it’s common to find skeleton remains scattered after they are exposed to the elements and animals.

“As you look around and see it’s densely vegetated in this area. So it could have years someone may have been back here,” Joyce said.

On Sept. 25, a body was found behind the Motel 6 less than a quarter of a mile away from E-Z Auto. Police said the body had been there for at least several days.

On Oct. 11, skeleton remains were found in the former Allstar Bar and Grill nearly three miles away. Contractors renovating the property uncovered a body in advanced stages of decomposition in the attic of the building.

Later that evening, a man looking for his dog discovered a woman’s body in a field near the Bonnie Doone Subdivision. Her death is now being investigated as a homicide.

“These cases are having to be investigated by the office of the chief medical examiner. They are going to have to be the one who determine that manner and cause of death,” Major Joyce said.

Fayetteville Police Chief Kem Braden said it would take weeks or even months before we find out how these people died. He said because of the conditions of one of the remains, it’s possible we may never know the cause of death.

He also said with Fayetteville’s rising homeless encampment population in wooded areas, it’s possible more human remains could be discovered overtime, as those areas become developed.