GREENVILLE, N.C-(WNCT) — Cornflower Bakehouse is making its debut in downtown Greenville in a couple of weeks. The Bakery will be taking the place of the old SOCO restaurant (304 South Greene Street) and hopes to make an immediate impact. 

The business’ official opening is Small Business Saturday, which is on Nov. 25.

While the bakery will feature delicious scones, buttery and flaky delights and all other sorts of pastries, it serves an even greater purpose. The trio of Emily Parker, Khristi Dixon and Rachael Martin are prepared to bring an all-women-based approach in an effort to share inclusivity.  

Emily Parker, the Co-Founder of Cornflower, was the most recent winner of “Chef Showdown.” The bakery coined its name because of the dish that helped her bring home the grand prize. 

“When I won the Chef Showdown, I did a cross of a Twinkie and cornbread,” she said. “I love using corn and making it sweet and making it savory. I just think that cornflowers are also just beautiful.” 

Not only does Parker think the importance of the name is beautiful, but the mission of the bakery is just as significant to her. She is especially excited to work with women who are able to express themselves and be in a collaborative environment.  

“I’m really excited to actually work with women and have a totally different dynamic and to really be able to let people express themselves and feel a part of the kitchen instead of just you know going through the motions or working for somebody else,” Parker said. “I want this to be hands-on for everybody. I want everyone to be able to bring something to the table.”  

Parker’s head baker, Rachael Martin, was asked if she knew of anyone who’d be interested in becoming a baker at Cornflower. Martin, without hesitation, knew that she was fully willing to commit to the idea, especially after finding out what it entailed.  

“I’m super excited to work for like a woman-owned business. I’ve worked for a couple in the past, which I loved as well but I haven’t actually worked in the heart of like downtown Greenville before so I’m excited to be a part of the new like community event, and things that I haven’t been a part of in the past.”

The bakery has big plans when it opens and continues to come together with new ideas. Those include having poetry nights, yoga on the patio and live music. It will also feature a “pay what you can” menu for people who might not be able to afford food but won’t be leaving empty-handed.