ANSON COUNTY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Democrats in Anson County will meet to reorganize the local chapter after the state democratic party ordered the group to resolve internal party disputes. This stems from controversy surrounding the local sheriff race after the board of commissioners and county democrats appointed different replacements to become the next top cop.

Back on September 21st, then Sheriff Landric Reid died unexpectedly. Reid was running unopposed in the election after serving in the position for eight years. Following his death, the Anson County Board of Commissioners appointed Chief Deputy Scott Howell to serve as sheriff in the interim. Also in early October, Anson County Democrats met and picked Sergeant Gerald Cannon, a 20-year-veteran of the Wadesboro Police Department to replace Reid for a four-year term that would begin in December.

Reid was running unopposed, so the Dems took it upon themselves to choose Cannon. Interim Sheriff Howell was one of several people calling the process for appointing the sheriff into question. He filed a grievance with the state democratic party. The North Carolina Democratic Council of Review unanimously voted that the whole process to appoint a sheriff was invalid.

The Anson County Democratic Party posted a statement on Facebook explaining the situation and what’s next. “The Council ordered, in part, that the October 8, 2022, meeting of the Anson County Democratic Party Executive Committee and all votes taken at that meeting shall be and are declared invalid. The selection of Mr. Gerald Cannon as the Anson County Democratic Party nominee for Sheriff shall be voided and set aside pending further action by the Executive Committee. A new meeting will take place on December 3, 2022. The Council also ordered North Carolina Democratic Party to assist in verifying who is qualified to vote in a new meeting. NCDP found that the precincts were not properly organized in 2021 and the subsequent county convention is void. North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Dr. Bobbi Richardson has appointed Dannie Montgomery to serve as temporary chair of the Anson County Democratic Party, working with NCDP officials, to coordinate a recertification process.”

Anson county Dems are hosting a meeting at the Hampton B Allen Library on Greene Street from 11 to 4 Saturday to reorganize the chapter. The group will iron out who exactly is a democrat in the area and that group will elect a new executive board. The e-board will select who will become the next Anson County Sheriff.