CONCORD, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Families in Concord have a place to fill up, and we’re not talking about their tank. Concord’s first food hall, Gibson Mill Market, is officially open.

The food hall is causing quite a stir.

“I think this is really just the start of how cool Concord is really going to become,” said Sarah Dabbs, co-owner of Johnny Roger’s BBQ & Burgers.

The city has never seen anything like it.

“The people here really seem to be hungry for it, play on words there,” said Keifer Moskaluk, co-owner of Defined Coffee.

Businesses have waited three years.

“Right before COVID hit, we came out and saw the space, got excited,” said Moskaluk.

It’s one place with many options.

“This is Concord’s first food hall, so it’s really exciting, I think there’s a lot of buzz in Concord about it being something so new and different,” said Dabbs.

Think Optimist Hall, but in Concord. The city’s first food hall just opened at Gibson Mill Market.

“We really felt Concord was ready for something like this,” said Moskaluk.

The food hall has tacos, burgers, barbeque, cookies, and coffee.

“It’s a day we have waited for, we have worked hard for,” said Dabbs.

The new venue is in a century-old space.

Gibson Mill was part of the Cannon Mills textile company, and Gibson Mill was Plant No. 6. Designers for the food hall kept the original floors and ceilings, and even made part of the floor into tabletops.

“We will have pizza, we will have a Mediterranean spot, we will have Kuni’s Kitchen, which is a raw bar,” said Dabbs.

There is much brewing to bring in business.

“We want it to be ‘Kannapolis isn’t the only place you can go to experience something cool, destination-wise,’ so this just adds to Cabarrus County,” said Dabbs.