HARRISBURG, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for suspects after deputies say a Dollar Tree worker in Harrisburg was attacked by a woman following a candy theft from the store.

Both the worker and investigators believe the attack stemmed from a man being upset because the line was too long and he wanted to use the self-checkout.

After the man got mad and walked out of the store without paying, investigators say a woman he was with attacked an assistant manager at the Dollar Tree.

Just days before Halloween, a worker says the line was long at the Dollar Tree.

“Sometimes that does get people, get customers angry,” said Tessa Hayes, the assistant manager.

But never would Hayes have imagined a man would get so mad while waiting to buy candy with kids by his side that it would lead to what she says happened outside the store.

“It scares me, I’m almost afraid to return to work,” said Hayes.

Hayes was on the job Sunday afternoon when she says a man got up to the register and was talking about using self-checkout.

Hayes says she offered to cancel the transaction and just let him check himself out.

“He slowly became a little more irate with me and he walked out without paying for it,” said Hayes.

She says he stole the candy, about $15 worth, according to the report.

Hayes ran outside to try and get a description of his car.

And out of nowhere, she says she was attacked.

“There’s this, a woman, with him and she’s charging at the door and before I have a chance to lock it, she jerks it open and pulls me by the hair and out into the parking lot and proceeds to punch me numerous times in the head,” said Hayes.

She says her busted lip has healed, and she had some scrapes, but the real damage is what you can’t see.

“It was a pretty frightening experience for me; being 20 years old and the only manager on duty, it’s pretty frightening to have somebody that can just come in and yank you out of your store, it’s terrifying,” said Hayes.

The man and woman drove off in a black Honda Accord with kids inside the car.

The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office is trying to identify and track down the suspects.

A spokesperson says they have some leads, but if you have any information that can help, please call the Sheriff’s Office, or call Cabarrus County Crime Stoppers at 704-93-CRIME or 704-932-7463.