CONCORD, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A new roundabout on Roberta Road in Concord has caused major safety concerns for nearby residents. 

In fact, a TikTok account capturing these incidents on a security camera has gained over a million views.

Speeders and other drivers on Roberta Road often don’t realize the roundabout is there and end up veering off the side of the road to avoid it or driving over the median altogether.


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“When you get to the top of this hill, and you’re speeding, you’re going to have a wreck,” said Roberta Road resident Tom Taylor.

Taylor’s roots on Roberta Road span back decades. He fought NCDOT tooth and nail when they proposed putting a roundabout right in front of his home.

“I tried to get them to put a stoplight here. So did a lot of other people, not only me,” said Taylor.

Regardless, NCDOT finished installing the roundabout in August. Since then, Taylor says there’s been an incident nearly every day.

A different neighbor has captured the incidents at the roundabout on his home security camera and posted them on a TikTok account titled ‘Roberta.Road.Roundabout.’

It has more than 9,500 followers.

“There’s been a lot of wrecks, and people have done a lot of damage to cars out here,” said Taylor.

In fact, on Monday, a driver at the roundabout veered off the road and put deep skid marks in a neighbor’s yard. A few weeks ago, another driver split a telephone pole into two pieces.

“The main problem is the roundabout itself and the location it’s in. People can’t see it coming up the hill either way,” said Taylor.

An NCDOT spokesperson said in a statement:

“In the past two weeks, we have made adjustments to sign spacing, added signs with flashers, and deployed portable message boards that display ‘New Traffic Pattern.’ We will continue to monitor traffic patterns and adjust as needed.”

“It’s just like I thought it would be and like I told the DOT it would be. They didn’t believe me, but now they see, I think,” said Taylor.