HICKORY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Nine Hickory public schools are installing new metal detectors, according to the superintendent.

The school board approved $350,000 for the new Opengate detectors in the fall; the detectors arrived last week and are being installed in:

  • Each elementary school (two will be installed)
  • A middle school (two will be installed)
  • A career arts magnet school (two will be installed)
  • A high school (three will be installed)

Staff is being trained on how to use the detectors.

Students, employees, and visitors will be required to walk through them. The only items that need to be removed before going through the detectors will be laptops/computers.

Staff being trained. (Courtesy: Hickory Public Schools)

Officials say the detectors will not go off for every piece of metal but only for more ‘dense’ items, such as weapons.

K through five schools will only scan staff and visitors first. Once the kinks are worked out, elementary school students will be trained to use them.