BESSEMER CITY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – There are only a few businesses that are so iconic that they are instantly recognizable.

In Bessemer City, that place is McDonald’s Family Restaurant.

“There was an older lady at the church we went to, and she couldn’t remember my name—you know what she called me—happy. You know, like the happy meal,” smiled Susie.

While there aren’t any golden arches, there are two golden personalities behind the counter: owners Bobby and Susie McDonald.

“Between me and Susie, our little carrying on, the customers love to see that. They call it dinner and a show,” said Bobby.

“You show me some attention; I will latch onto you!” joked Susie.

The two have been married for 47 years.

“I say, I married it. Not him; I married it,” said Susie.

For decades, they’ve been working together at Bobby’s family restaurant. His parents opened it in 1965. He ran it with his siblings, but they’re all gone now.

“It’s an odd feeling,” said Bobby. “But I had Susie by my side.”

“So it’s family. It’s just, it’s the only thing I’ve known,” said Susie.

There are no other McDonald’s in town, and it will stay that way.

“Here’s the other side; if they were to move into town, I could sue them for using McDonald’s here,” laughed Bobby.

And that makes for one happy… place.