GASTONIA, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A lot of investigators were on the 500 block of Diane 29 Theater Road in Bessmer City on Friday. Brittany Green says she was sitting in a car with 24-year-old Dalton Lewis when a group of bail bondsmen surrounded them.

“So, at that point Dalton locked the doors,” said Green. “He reaches for the keys, for the ignition, they say gun, gun, gun and unloaded.”

“That’s what woke me up, pop, pop, pop, pop,” added Jerry Lewis, Dalton’s father. “They’re just unloading, the boy hadn’t even got out of his car. They shot through the car, shot through the window and everything.”

Dalton Lewis was shot eight times, according to Gastonia police. Brittany Green wasn’t shot, but suffered multiple injuries to her legs, hands, and face due to the shattered glass.

“They found 20 shell casings in my yard,” says Green.

Family members admit Dalton Lewis had missed a court date. When police left the home on Diane 29 Theater Road, the bondsmen were seen picking up their vehicles. Police confirm two of the men work at Faith Bail Bonding, and investigators are trying to determine where the others work.

Queen City News went to Faith Bail Bonding and called the office to talk about the shooting. A woman said she knew nothing about it, while another worker recorded our news crew across the street.

“It’s still a very active investigation,” said Rick Goodale, spokesperson for the Gastonia Police Department. “We’re trying to determine how many rounds were fired, how many of the bail bondsmen fired their weapons, and we’re just trying to determine exactly what happened here.”

The family of Dalton Lewis says they hope the investigation leads to charges being filed.

“They’re going to pay,” said Jerry Lewis. “I’m going to make sure of it, they need to pay, this ain’t the Wild Wild West.”