MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – On Friday nights, the parking lot at BrightStar Grill in Mount Holly looks like a scene from a 1950s movie.

Classic cars are parked in every corner- shined up and lined up.

“I’ve always been favorable to Camaro, Novas, Chevelles. You name it, I love them,” said Kip Roseman.

He started the BrightStar Cruisers meet-up years ago and there’s a car for everyone.

Except, this time, Kip’s car isn’t here.

“She called me a while ago, and said did you make it?” said Kip, to one of his friends. “I said, honey, I’m sitting here right now.”

This Friday, he had to carpool.

“I’m emotional,” said Kip. “I feel good.”

Kip just had major heart surgery and their Friday meetup was the first time he’s been out.

“Very special. They’re great,” said Kip.

He knew he had to come, and it was not because he was missing the cars.

“Great bunch of people,” said Kip, tearing up.

The weather is perfect for showing off what everyone treasures. But, even on days when the sun isn’t shining, they still get together.

“The people. It’s all you can say. Everybody’s got something in common and it’s the people,” said Kip.

Because they’re not just car people, but people people.