KING, N.C. (WGHP) — Kids are celebrating the end of their first full year of in-person learning since the pandemic stranded schools in the virtual world.

Virtual learning brought a lot of struggles, but there were a few laughs that we got to enjoy along the way!

For example, we got to learn what happens when kids are left unattended in a video call!

Mrs. Michelle Westmoreland, a teacher at Mount Olive Elementary School in King, found out when her Google Classroom computer went black.

After a few moments, one student finally asks, “Is it just me or did Ms. Westmoreland leave the call?”

“I think that’s true,” another said. “Ms. Westmoreland actually left the call.”

The call quickly devolved into the children calling their teacher’s name before beginning to wonder whether or not this means they’re done for the day.

Fortunately, the kids were patient, and their teacher reappeared less than two minutes later.