HARMONY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – The town of Harmony in Iredell County experienced somewhat of a rare occurrence on Tuesday during the local municipal elections that took place.

Three of the elected candidates Tuesday for town council were all write-in candidates and none of them had their names on the ballot: Brandon Angell (35 write-in votes), Chris Pierce (38 write-in votes), and Jared Clark (35 write-in votes). Scotty Harris, whose name was actually on the ballot, took the fourth council spot with 31 votes.

Iredell County Board of Elections Director Susie Jordan told Queen City News on Wednesday that the only other time she could recall a write-in candidate winning was several years ago in Love Valley.

The winning trio of write-in candidates said they had missed the filing deadline to have their names on the ballots. Harmony also voted for a mayor with Sean Turner winning in a landslide capturing 93 percent of the votes.