TROUTMAN, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Iredell-Statesville Schools stopped anyone from watching the completion of the Statesville versus West Iredell game on Monday afternoon, including the media.

Friday’s game at South Iredell’s football stadium was postponed after three men were arrested when police determined a threat of mass violence through social media. Police say the threat involved using a firearm targeting individuals at West Iredell.

“We were informed on Saturday that they would be moving the game to South Iredell High School due to it being a more neutral site,” said Josh Watson, chief of the Troutman Police Department. “Somewhere, they would play without spectators and anybody else except for the school staff, coaches, and players.”

One of the men arrested, 20-year-old Keonta Chambers, was wanted for eight felony counts regarding a shooting incident in Statesville that injured a 14-year-old boy. That threat keeps security high, even with no one in the stands.

“Statesville Police Department reached out and asked if we would want any of their officers to assist, and we appreciate their assistance and partnership together,” added Watson.

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That means there are ten instead of the six officers at a game. Police say the fights and threats are becoming more common, and the community needs to come together to stop it.

“You have a large number of people compacted in an area,” said Watson. “Our greatest concern is to make sure the safety of everybody visiting; second is the criminal aspect of enforcing the law; the main priority is always life safety.”

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The incident at Statesville High School is still under investigation.