STATESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A man who recovered from a severed brain stem injury nearly two decades ago will speak to Statesville Christian School graduates on Friday night. 

William Boggs, also a school graduate, details his shocking recovery in a YouTube documentary titled, “Unshakeable Destiny – A story of resurrection life.”  

According to the documentary, Boggs was 15 when an 18-wheeler semi-truck hit him and his family members. The crash disconnected his brain stem from his brain, sending him into a 40-day coma.  

Doctors believed the teen would not survive the injury and that if he did, he would likely never walk or talk again. 

Miraculously, Boggs survived, and his incredible recovery journey began as soon as he woke. 

He said that his faith helped him overcome the physical and emotional obstacles. Boggs said it took 12 years “be fully restored.”

Today, Boggs can do all the activities he used to do before the accident and more. In the years since, Boggs has attended and graduated from college, written books about his experiences, started a family, and became a public speaker.  

More information about William Boggs’s story can be found here.