MOORESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Fans of Mooresville High School football games are in for some new safety procedures starting Friday.

Mooresville Graded School District says they’re implementing metal detectors, a clear-bag policy (except for medical and diaper bags), and required chaperones for elementary, intermediate, and middle school students.

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“I’m from the day and time where you didn’t worry about that. Safety at school wasn’t even an issue,” said Mooresville resident Sandy Floyd.

The new policies are a sign of the times, but many parents and football fans say they aren’t surprised.

“Really, we’re not new to it because we play schools in Mecklenburg County as well as Cabarrus County, and they implemented those rules this year, so we’ve already faced that,” said Mooresville football fan Tonya Brown.

MGSD’s Chief Communications Officer Tanae McLean says the new protocols were in the works long before the high school’s two bomb threats this week.

“It’s just gotten to be where there are so many children running around, there are so many adults, that it got to be a lot for our staff to try to manage,” said McLean.

Queen City News asked MGSD why the chaperone policy only applied to elementary, intermediate, and middle school students. They said it’s because younger kids are more likely to run around the stadium’s perimeter unsupervised.

“It’s very difficult. You see it. You see a lot of horseplay. You see a lot of fighting. And like I said, there’s no parents around,” said Brown.

The district hopes the new rules will improve the fan experience and prevent safety issues before they occur.