MOORESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Mooresville Police gave a nod to classified and Craigslist posts of old while seeking a Charlotte man who allegedly stole $1,500 worth of shoes. 

Officers would “love the chance to meet” Alex Gerardo Pavon, the press release reads. The 29-year-old is reportedly responsible for the 17 pairs of Nike shoes stolen last week from the Kohl’s department store on River Highway (N.C. 150).

Here’s how they mused the suspect: 

“Your love for shoes caught our eye on Sept. 14, 2023, when you perused the Mooresville Kohl’s and selected 17 pairs of Nike shoes ($1530) but forgot to stop by the check out. We get it. A nice, new pair can really change your life outlook, and maybe that means feeling like you don’t have to pay. With that sassy look you gave the security camera, we know you were feeling good.” 

Police say Pavon is known for hitting Kohl’s around the Charlotte metro. 

“We appreciate your dedication to the brand, and want you to know you’ve missed out on earning some serious Kohls Cash on the $11,000 worth of merch you’ve loaded in your gold/silver sedan.” 

Surveillance shows tattoos on Savon’s hand and legs, leaving him with this final plea:

“Well Alex, we’d love the chance to meet and see if your leg tattoos or the art on your hand (the cross with nails and the wing) coordinate with any of the sneakers. If your shopping journeys bring you back in our jurisdiction, just know we are big shoe fans, and we WILL pursue you to learn your style secrets.  
Awaiting our connection, 
Mooresville Police Department