MOORESVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A Mooresville home explosion shook the neighborhood so much that some felt their homes rattle.

Many neighbors stopped by to check on the family of Tennessee Titans cornerback Caleb Farley, whose father died in the explosion.

The house was obliterated with debris everywhere; the wind kicked up some of the insulation on Tuesday, and it sometimes looked like it was snowing.

“It came through, and it shook our whole house; maybe like six inches back and forth is what it felt like,” said Logan Montgomery, a neighbor. “It sounded like thunder for a moment; it happened too quick to actually be thunder; we were very worried.”

The impact of the tragedy rained down on neighbors as the thunderous commotion woke them up.

“We were sleeping, and I just heard a loud boom,” said Lauri Wild, a neighbor.

It was just before midnight, and neighbors scrambled outside with their flashlights, trying to find out where the sound came from.

“What concerned me is that there wasn’t any fire with the explosion, it just happened, and there was a blast, no fire, no smoke, the house just collapsed, it was crazy,” said Montgomery.

“I can’t believe the devastation and what must have happened in there,” said Clay Wild.

Then they learned that one of their neighbors, Farley, lost his father in the explosion.

“I don’t know the family. We’ve waved at them in passing, it is tragic, and I feel very sorry for them, for the family,” said Montgomery.

Neighbors brought coolers, possibly with food and water, to the Farley family.

Dominion Energy crews presumably marked gas lines using detectors and spray paint.

Neighbors are grieving for the family, hoping there will never be another tragedy.

“It is concerning, but this is clearly an accident that doesn’t happen often, so I’m hopeful this doesn’t happen anymore around here,” said Montgomery.

Officials say they don’t believe neighbors should be concerned, but inspecting appliances if they run on natural gas or propane is always a good idea.