KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A one-of-a-kind dog park in Kannapolis is making a final push to stay alive.

The owners of DogWorld Dog Park announced their landlords wouldn’t be renewing their lease, which expires at the end of January. 

They believe the only way to stay open is to buy the property.

Dana Coulter, co-owner of the park, says she doesn’t make any profits from her business, which she calls a “labor of love.” In fact, she says since March of 2021, DogWorld has brought in $140,000 while the operating cost has been $144,000.

Coulter and her team are asking the community for donations to buy the property. She says the down payment on the property is $160,000, and they need an additional $120,000 to build a doggy daycare center, which would help them stay afloat throughout the year.

“It’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s hard to ask for help. When we started, we didn’t know where this was going. We just believed in it, and we’re just going to move forward in faith and try to make it work,” said Coulter.

Coulter believes the park, which requires vaccinations and temperament screenings before entry, is the only one of its kind in the US. People travel from all over the country to bring their dogs to the outdoor venue, which doubles as a waterpark for dogs. 

The DogWorld TikTok account has more than 135,000 followers.

“We have 12 fenced acres. We have a pond for swimming. We have baby pools, a large pool, waterslides. It’s kind of a doggy paradise,” said Coulter.

In addition to the pools, greenspace, ponds, trails, and playgrounds, the facility offers themed breed-specific days, private events, and dog treats.

“When you come here, and all the dogs are playing, it’s a beautiful day; it’s just a sense of peace and joy here. You just can’t help but feel it when there’s all these happy dogs running around,” said Coulter.

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If you want to donate to DogWorld, you can do so by clicking here.