KINGS MOUNTIAN, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A dazzling display that lights up Kings Mountain’s downtown area every holiday season is coming to a close. Event coordinators recently announced they’re ending the popular Fantasy Light Show.

“I hadn’t even know they wasn’t having them until we had actually just started talking about it,” said Dalton Evans.

Each year, families pull up in their cars to watch these trees all lit up along South Railroad Ave.

“They have like a net of lights that drape over the trees, and they’ll go along with the music. They’ll change colors. They add an effect to the show,” one man described.

“Oh, it’s great!” Evans said. “You sit in the car, you turn on the radio, the lights flicker to the beat of the music. “

The sudden announcement, however, that the light show will not go on this year has many wondering why city leaders would cancel something its residents look forward to every year.

In September, the City Council expressed that they’d like to restart their streetscape project along South Railroad Avenue, which would result in the removal of these trees. Coincidentally, a new restaurant along the stretch needed one removed sooner so they could start work on their facade

“What we have, we cherish,” one resident said. “When you start taking stuff away, what’re you going to replace it with?”

Queen City News reached out to the current mayor, special events coordinator, and the Facebook page for the Kings Mountain Fantasy Light Show for more information about why the show has been canceled, but haven’t heard back.