LINCOLNTON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Scammers are calling Lincoln County residents and acting as Lincoln County Sheriff Office officials, deputies said.

Victims receive phone calls from what appears on Called ID as Sheriff’s Office telephone numbers and are being told they owe money.

One example officials brought forth was on Nov. 14, one resident had four calls from (704)-732-9050, a main Sheriff’s Office number. The resident answered the fourth call and was told she missed a federal court date and would be arrested if she didn’t post a $2,800 cash bond.

The caller used an actual officer’s name working for the Sheriff’s Office, authorities said.

The resident was told to stay on the line after the money was requested and was disclosed to meet the caller at a Food Lion in Lincolnton; that’s when the resident realized something was wrong.

She told the caller to meet her at the Sheriff’s Office; the caller became irate and hung up on the targeted victim, deputies reported.

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The Sheriff’s Office is advising all citizens this is a scam.

Officials do not accept money to cancel warrants or orders for arrests. Everything is served in person, not by telephone.