CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Nearly 150 inmates were relocated Thursday from the Mecklenburg County Detention Center after the MCSO said the U.S. Marshal’s Office refused to accept a rate increase. 

The Mecklenburg Sheriff’s Office submitted the requested per-diem rate increase from $160 to $191 per day to the USMS on Feb. 12. The current rate has been in place since June 2020. 

The sheriff’s office said after several inquiries, the USMS Prisoner Operations Division advised on May 10 they would not support the rate increase. On Aug. 10, the USMS transferred 143 federal residents out of Mecklenburg County, and there are still 40 federal residents remaining that will be relocated to other facilities over the next several days. 

“I am disappointed that our efforts to ensure a reasonable rate, based on published federal guidelines and requirements was not accepted,” McFadden said in a statement. “I believe it is not the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office to subsidize the federal government with county resources. We will work with the USMS to ensure a seamless transition of their residents. As always, we are willing to work with the USMS, but we are disappointed at their decision.”

McFadden reportedly sent a letter to U.S. Marshal Terry Burgin on July 13 advising that without an agreement to negotiate in good faith, the USMS would need to be prepared to move approximately 200 inmates within 30 days of the date of the letter. A meeting was held two weeks later and another letter was sent to Burgin following the meeting.

However, MCSO recently received notification that the USMS has decided to relocate federal residents to other facilities. 

The per-diem rate covers the support of one federal detainee per “Federal detainee day,” which includes the day of arrival, but not the day of departure. If a per-diem rate adjustment is desired, the local government shall submit a request after 24 months.