HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Golden Cow Creamery wants to expand its reach northward.

Golden Cow owner Alex Hannah is proposing to build a new ice cream shop on a 0.6-acre empty on Old Statesville Road (N.C. 115) in downtown Huntersville. It’s directly across from Fire Station No. 1 and mostly surrounded by 100-year-old homes.

It would share the building with another food-and-beverage-oriented business. 

Based on the businesses’ square footage, there would be 12 parking spaces in the back, which is one more than the town requires. Hannah said a patio area planned in the back would include an old ice cream truck as a rustic centerpiece.

Golden Cow, which launched in 2016, has three Charlotte locations: uptown, South End and SouthPark.

The proposal comes after the town approved the Downtown Master Plan this spring. The new code requires a building to have two occupiable stories, but this would only have one. 

Golden Cow has hired Charlotte’s DPR Design for engineering and design services. 

“It would bring the character that Huntersville deserves,” DPR’s Justin Maxwell said. 

Huntersville Principal Planner Jesse James said the new building wouldn’t stick out in an otherwise historic area. 

“The building that has been proposed blends in with architecture of an old town,” he said. 

James hoped nearby businesses to the north would be willing to connect their parking to Golden Cow’s. It would fulfill a tenant of the Master Plan. 

Hannah purchased the property in January while the downtown plan was still being formed. Former longtime town commissioner Sarah McAulay opposes the plan. She would’ve liked to see Hannah present during the downtown planning process as a stakeholder. 

“They’re bringing in their idea for what’s best for Huntersville rather than what we’ve spent a long time on with professional guidance and citizen input,” she said. 

Following a commissioner inquiry on customer foot traffic, planning Director Jack Simoneau noted a mid-block crosswalk near the proposed shop is part of the Master Plan.

Commissioners will vote on the rezoning at a later date. 

Town approves attorney raise 

Commissioners approved a 2 percent merit increase for Town Attorney Emily Sloop, plus a $6,000 bonus. It was effective July 24. 

The increases were based on a market analysis and performance evaluation. Sloop has been the town attorney since 2020. 

Commissioner Rob Kidwell was recused from the vote since he was not present when the topic was discussed previously in a closed session.