CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The mayoral race in Cornelius has become official Friday, securing a victory for incumbent Woody Washam by a mere five votes.

Washam secured his fourth term as mayor in his hometown after Mecklenburg County election officials counted absentee and provisional ballots this week. He won with 49.71 percent of the vote (2,779 votes) to 49.62 percent (2,774) for Commissioner Denis Bilodeau. 

Bilodeau served as commissioner also since 2017, and was the lone holdover in the 2021 election when four of the five commissioners were ousted. He conceded to Washam on Nov. 8. posting the following on his Facebook page:

Congratulations to Mayor Washam and the new Board! I am so very grateful for all that voted for me and for my awesome campaign team. I may have come up short … however I feel blessed having gained new friends and strengthened longtime relationships.

It has been an honor to have served …. Thank you Cornelius!

Denis Bilodeau

Also in the Nov. 7 Cornelius election, residents voted down a proposal to increase term lengths from two to four years, with a 61.5 percent majority. Scott Higgins and Susan Johnson were chosen as new members of the board, replacing Bilodeau and Colin Furcht.