HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – “They are a farce and a travesty,” one man noted at a recent Huntersville Town Commissioners meeting about a proposed development in Birkdale Village.

It is a strong opinion for something that, for now, is not coming.

Huntersville commissioners voted to defer action until Feb. 6 on a newly revised plan for the area. Still, that revised plan includes some significant changes, according to plans filed with the town.

North American Properties, who have helped develop the site, said that plans for a hotel and apartment complex would not be part of the revised plan, which will focus on office and parking space. Plans for further multi-story developments have met with controversy among residents living nearby.

“If your decision is based on votes alone, it would be a ‘no,'” another public commenter noted.

In an interview Tuesday with Queen City News, North American Properties managing director Tim Perry noted on the project, “the parking is what drove it, but to have parking there, something had to pay for it. It had to be attached to another development.”

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There was a fear among residents that adding the additional developments — mainly the hotel and apartments — would add to the parking troubles and also cause some further consternation about changes to the area, which serves as a small community with shop space and residential communities nearby.

“We’re starting back with, ‘okay, what are the ways we can soften or alter this to where it better fits in with the master plan for Birkdale Village,” said Perry.

Community reaction has been passionate about the project in general.

Queen City News spoke with several people in the communities adjoining Birkdale Village. While none wished to go on the record, opinions varied.

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Many noted the desire to see something different in the community; however, they explained an apartment complex was likely too much, at least now, for the community to handle.

Others said they were skeptical of the validity of the revisions.

Perry noted that the renderings currently on the table showing seven-story buildings — considered high-rises in Huntersville — are “old.”

“It will not look like that,” he said.

Plans for the hotel may be addressed separately at a later time. The plans for apartments, for now, are now separate from any immediate action.

The Town of Huntersville Board of Commissioners still needs to approve the revised plans.