HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – In the rural town of Huntersville, homes are separated by dense forests and farmland.

For one local developer, it’s the perfect spot to build a tropical man-made lagoon.

“The question is, how are they going to make it work?” lifelong resident Paul Bjorneboe said.

In 2018, Crystal Lagoons broke ground on the nation’s first crystal lagoon near Tampa, Florida. It has 7.5 acres of crystal-clear water where residents can swim, kayak, and paddle board.

A developer in North Carolina tells Queen City News he has been working with the company to try to bring one to Huntersville.

The developer, Jake Palillo, said he is beginning to turn 270 acres of farmland into a resort-type property with residential and retail space.

While some neighbors told Queen City News off camera that they could be on board with the idea, considering it’s not another apartment complex popping up in their backyards.

“We have had high-density developments approved on three sides of our property with over 600 houses,” Marie Bjorneboe said.

Others like Marie and Paul have questions; how would the project impact traffic in the area, and can the town’s infrastructure handle it?

“You know to me, I just wonder how practical a lagoon development would be here in North Carolina versus in Florida,” Paul said. “I don’t know how they are going to fill up a lagoon over there, and then I don’t know how they are going to keep it full.”

Queen City News reached out to Crystal Lagoons for an interview and did not hear back by the deadline.

According to its website, the company provides developers with consulting, maintenance training, and patented technology to construct a lagoon at a low cost.

“It would really surprise me if Huntersville doesn’t approve it,” Marie said.

Huntersville Planning and Development told Queen City News it had not received any plans from the developer.