HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – All kinds of vehicles are going by, and some say more often, police cars have been stopping for a while at the intersection of Mt. Holly – Huntersville Road and Hambright Road.

“There was an accident yesterday,” said Grayson Elder, talking about one of three accidents at the intersection. “I couldn’t take a right, and it took like ten minutes just to turn. It looked like a bad accident; the cops had it blocked off.”

“I do know of two,” added Anna Jenkins, who works at a convenience store on one of the corners of the intersection. “We had an 18-wheeler, and we also had a concrete truck roll over into the woods. Took until close to midnight to get the truck out.”

The Huntersville Fire department posted a picture of that cement truck on its side on social media. A spokesperson for the department stops short of calling it a dangerous intersection.

Some other drivers who spoke to Queen City news say they’ve noticed an increase in traffic and a few more minor collisions. One reason they believe that’s happening is the proximity to I-77.

“All the businesses,” added Jenkins. “The projects they’ve got building. A lot of stuff like that. It’s causing a lot more traffic to come through.”

Some say the intersection may get worse before it gets better.

“If they open up more roads,” said Elder. “It’s just going to cause more congestion for a year or two.”

People say they will wait and see if that happens.