CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Mecklenburg County’s Juvenile Crime Prevention Council is dishing out $2 million to help at-risk and delinquent youth.

The Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) is accepting program proposals currently and is looking for new non-profits or local organizations to allocate this funding to.

Jessica Davis, the Chair of JCPC, says they have funded great existing programs for a while but are hoping new proposals are presented by community members this year.

“We are looking for programs that can meet a number of needs in our community. It’s no secret that we have seen an increase in juvenile violence in our community,” Davis said.

Mecklenburg County Commissioner At-Large, Leigh Altman, is hoping for more people with beneficial program ideas apply.

“We have wonderful ones that we’ve been funding. But I bet there are a lot more out there folks who just don’t know that these funds might be available. And we love innovations,” Altman explained.

There are two virtual information sessions to educate potential applicants on how the process works. The first virtual session is on January 24th and the second is on February 3rd.

“It benefits everyone for all our children to be well and healthy, in a safe home, with shelter and food, it benefits everyone. And I’m the I think what I would say to people who really never come into contact with children who are termed at risk, it’s just about compassion,” Commissioner Laura Meier said.

The more than two million dollars in grants will be awarded for this coming fiscal year, which starts in July.