CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Mecklenburg County leaders faced backlash from their resolution supporting Israel and condemning the Hamas attack on the nation earlier this month. 

At Tuesday’s Board of Commissioners’ meeting, Mark Jarrell read the resolution, but there was a rarity to follow. There was a slew of speakers signed up regarding the motion, representing both Jewish and Muslim communities. 

The resolution mentions that at least 20 United States citizens in Israel were among those who were killed in the Oct. 7 attacks. 

It reads in part: 

The recent Hamas terror attack has caused immense suffering, loss of innocent lives, and inflicted widespread damage on a peaceful civilian population firing thousands of rockets toward Israel’s major population centers. … the residents of the Gaza Strip are not Israel’s enemies with many such residents opposing Hamas’ terrorist actions… and we encourage and support efforts of Israeli leadership to reduce harm to uninvolved civilians who may be used as human shields to protect weaponry and leadership located and imbedded in civilian structures such as schools, hospitals, and mosques.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners

Following the comments, Commissioner Vilma Leake produced an impassioned speech, outlining that as a Black woman, she has faced discrimination throughout her life.

“I do empathize with each of you in some form of discrimination or some form of violence within the confines of the community,” she said. 

The resolution passed unanimously, and many of the opposing residents left the chambers shouting, but without physical conflict.