BAILEY, N.C. (WNCN)—A Bailey K-9 officer, who was on leave, has reached a settlement with the Town of Bailey.

CBS 17 previously reported in November that Officer Evan Sokolove and Police Chief Cathy Callahan were place on administrative leave.

The town has not said why Officer Sokolove and Chief Callahan were put on leave.

Sokolove previously stated that he expressed concerns about Chief Callahan’s behavior; he also stated that following his complaint, the chief filled a rebuttal complaint that led to Sokolove being put on administrative leave.

Sokolove had previously withdrawn a settlement with the town because the investigation was still ongoing.

Jack Nickels, Officer Evan Sokolove’s attorney, previously told CBS 17 that the reason for the withdrawal is to prevent the possible loss of his police certification.

In the current settlement, Sokolove will “remain credentialed and sworn” but it states that he will “not perform any police duties.”