RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — On Sunday, a 34-year-old Raleigh man had a new charge added to a list of three existing charges stemming from a robbery and kidnapping in August, according to warrants.

Charles Carlos Bagley was arrested on Aug. 20 after police were called by a woman, warrants stated. Police said Bagley “forcibly snatched” and stole the victim’s cell phone while she attempted to speak with a 911 dispatcher.

A warrant was issued for Bagley’s arrest on charges of interfering with emergency communications, common law robbery, and kidnapping.

Bagley was accused of stealing a $2,000 purple iPhone 14 from a woman who was assaulted, the warrant stated.

Furthermore, he is accused of kidnapping the same woman with the purpose of “terrorizing” her, according to the warrant.

The latest arrest warrant showed Bagley was charged with felony intimidation of a witness. The same woman connected to the reported robbery and kidnapping had been acting as a witness in court for the case against Bagley in Wake County court.

Bagley is accused of intimidating the woman by the use of verbal threats. The threats included demands that the woman go to the district attorney’s office and get the charges dropped.

The phrasing communicated by Bagley, according to the warrant, was “You think I won’t do what my daddy did? Best believe I will make that [expletive] happen yo, I will make that [expletive] happen.”