SALISBURY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Salisbury Police and Livingstone College said Monday that they do plan to update the public on a shooting on campus that left two people injured.

The shooting itself happened Saturday night during Livingstone College’s Homecoming events, which included a concert. Authorities said an altercation during the concert led to gunfire.

“I really don’t know how to explain it, but it went left in a matter of seconds,” said student Kendall Foster, who said she was in attendance at the concert.

The shots forced thousands to rush for safety.

So far, however, the information on what specifically happened, why, and who is being charged is still limited.

4 injured after Livingstone College concert shooting

However, the shooting itself is, in many ways, the talk of the community around Livingstone, but it is also one of at least three incidents of a similar nature that have happened in Salisbury over the last year.

In December of 2021, Catawba College was hosting a basketball tournament when shots were fired, causing damage and panic.  Two teens were charged in that incident.

In August of this year, the word “gun” was enough to cause panic at a Salisbury High School football game.  Three people were injured after getting trampled.

“It’s about being watchful,” said Livingstone College alum Chaz Davenport.  “Trying to stop an altercation before it gets to that point.”

Queen City News spoke with several students and alumni who said there is no real blame on the incident so far–other than for the shooter.  They credited the college and police for the handling of the events of Saturday night.

However, some, like Foster, noted changes may be happening in the near future.

“Metal detectors and stuff like that, I think those should be here,” said Foster.  “But as far as closing all events off to students, or just faculty, I don’t think that’s fair.”