SALISBURY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A Rowan County family played the lottery together and now shares a $200,000 prize.

Andrew Raymond Stefanick got off work at the hospital, decided to buy a $5 lottery ticket, and uncovered a sizable pot in return.

“I just felt the urge to buy a scratch-off,” Stefanick said. “I saw there was a promotion for 5X the points on $5 scratch-offs, so I got that one.”

Andrew Raymond, a 48-year-old neurologist, bought his Hot 5’s ticket at the Food Lion on Mahaley Avenue in Salisbury.

“When I realized how much, I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “I walked out to the car in a state of shock and called my parents.”

Stefanick usually plays the lottery with his parents, Andrew and Dunyia Stefanick of China Grove.

“I bought the ticket, but we all play together,” he said. “Any major amount we split three ways.”

(Courtesy: North Carolina Education Lottery)

The family stopped by lottery HQ Monday to claim their prize. Andrew Raymond took home $47,350 (after state and federal tax withholdings), and his parents took home $47.336.

Andrew Raymond Stefanick said he’ll use his winnings to do some home repairs.