MONROE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – The Monroe City Council is set to discuss the process of the removal of Councilmember Angelia James at a meeting next Tuesday, according to an email by the city attorney.

City Attorney Mujeeb Shah-Khan said the council’s November 9 meeting agenda will include “a request to adopt a resolution” that will direct him to draft “a Petition and a motion to Remove Councilmember James from the City Council” and “create procedures for a hearing in the nature of a motion.”

The attorney said the actions would not remove James from the council but would begin the process that may result in her removal.

James has been at the center of controversy ever since she reportedly created a disturbance at a hotel, her home and the hospital on September 9.

Authorities said James was removed from the Fairfield Inn on September 9 after someone called 911 for a woman disturbing the peace.

Police said James told officers “felons were on site and needed to be arrested.”

When she was questioned on how she knew there were felons, James reportedly told them “God spoke to her.” Police confirmed the individuals at the hotel identified by James were not felons.

James continued to insist that “God spoke to her” and there were “felons on site that needed to be arrested, and one had committed a murder,” authorities said.

Her husband was called to the scene and she was taken home.

Once she was at home, Monroe Police were called to the residence due to another disturbance. Several officers that responded to the scene were told by James that they were “demoted, fired, promoted, or would be fired.” James allegedly also said she had fired Police Chief Bryan Gilliard.

James was transported to Atrium Health Union Hospital for medical assistance, authorities said. Once at the hospital, James reportedly removed an officer’s facemask and declared that “COVID was over.” “No Council Member of the City of Monroe has the ability to fire a City employee. None of the employees at the Police Department, including the Chief, were fired. The authority to hire and fire City employees, except for the City Clerk and City Attorney, lies solely with the Interim City Manager,” the City of Monroe said after the incident.

James told FOX 46 Charlotte that she was exhausted and stressed and that what happened on Sept. 9 was out of character.

The Angelia James that you saw on FOX, that y’all played, that wasn’t me,” she said. “That is a person that you saw that was exhausted. That needed some rest.”

James says she got up early on September 9, went to purchase a home, took her son to school, and handled city business.

During a Monroe City Council meeting in late-September, the council voted to censure her for violating the council’s code of ethics by demeaning officers.

In October, five Monroe police officers threatened legal action against the City and the councilwoman.

In documents obtained by Fox 46, those officers state James committed multiple assaults, defamation, slander, created a hostile work environment, harassment, and caused emotional distress.

The officers requested the City of Monroe to open a formal investigation into James’ actions asked the city to give their attorney a formal response within seven business days to discuss a resolution.

James’ bid for Mayor also fell short during Tuesday’s election as Marion Holloway received the most votes.