MONROE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Workers at Ikon Hauling thought it would be a typical Monday until the office manager came in and knew something wasn’t right.

“Did you see the big hole?” said Paul Livarchuk, recalling his conversation with the office manager. “There’s a bullet hole in the window, and everybody at that point freaked out.”

The bullet hole is in the upper portion of the window, but you can see a shell casing on the floor in the video provided by Livarchuk.

Police told Livarchuk the bullet came from a nine-millimeter gun.

“It’s hard to say why somebody would use a 9-millimeter, which is a self-defense weapon,” added Livarchuk. “And there is no shooting range across the street.”

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The Monroe Police Department is currently investigating the case, and part of the investigation includes detectives and the business owner going through surveillance video from cameras on the building.

The owner says it may be time to add a few more.

“A lot of it is a concern for employees and everybody in the office,” said Livarchuk. “That is the main worry here.”

Another concern, all employees are from Ukraine.

“You have a number of worries. Is it hate, is it a political thing, or is it just gun violence.”

Workers hope the crime is solved soon. Because no one was in the office this time, employees didn’t want it to happen again.

“This could have been a lot worse,” says Livarchuk. “If somebody were sitting in the office, it could have been fatal.”