WEDDINGTON, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Residents weighed in on two proposed housing developments in Weddington on Monday night.

A 38-home development from Charlotte’s Tom Waters gained rezoning approval from the Weddington Town Council. The property covers 62 cares on Lochaven Road.

“These are all large lots, 40,000 square feet or bigger,” Waters said prior to the Nov. 13 board meeting.

On all sides of the now-wooded forest are the homes of residents like Tom Mead.

“Of course, it is important to us because it is across the street,” Mead said.

While Mead does not oppose the development across from his house, he said he is concerned about what an additional 38 homes could mean for traffic and safety on the road.

“Which is probably 60-plus cars,” Mead said. “If there are teenagers, maybe 90 cars, and people who drive too fast.  We are walkers, just trying to hang in there, so that is a concern for us. Then there are school buses and other school kids; we don’t want to lose all of that; that is the reason why we are out here.”

Waters said prior to the approval, that as part of the development, he would add asphalt to the entrance of Lochaven Road to make the road safer and better equipped to handle a higher volume of traffic.

“We are actually doing these improvements under the direction of the state NCDOT,” Waters said.

Waters is not new to requesting approval for developments in the town of Weddington. Last year, the town council shot down his 80-acre project called Weddington Green.

The proposal included 158 homes, a park, restaurants, and shops.

“The community spoke very loudly and clearly that they did not care for smaller lots or any commercial at that location.  That’s why we’re here doing what they want, which is larger lots, gated; this would be a gated community,” Waters said.

Weddington residents also were preparing to discuss an 18-lot development project on Weddington-Matthews Road.

Toll Brothers Inc. is requesting conditional zoning approval for the Luna Development.

The decision on the Weddington Matthews Road development was delayed until the next council meeting.