UNION COUNTY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Several detention officers and an inmate nurse are being praised after preventing a man from overdosing on narcotics, according to the UCSO.

The Sheriff’s Office said on Aug. 27, detention officers were called to help a 43-year-old unconscious man in the hallway just outside of the Union County Magistrates Office.

Detention officers saw the man while releasing another inmate from custody and saw that the man’s skin was blue and he was not breathing.

Officers quickly lowered him to the floor and began CPR while calling for additional help from onsite medical staff and Union EMS, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities who were administering CPR recognized the signs and symptoms being displayed by the man as a narcotics overdose and quickly called for medical staff to bring Narcan.

After numerous rounds of CPR, the Sheriff’s Office said medical staff administered Narcan and the man began to breathe again and regained consciousness.

Detention officers at the scene learned that the man who overdosed had been released from custody earlier in the evening and had left for a period of time before returning.

All six jail staff members are being honored with Union County’s Lifesaver Award.

Photo: Union County Sheriff’s Office

“The actions of these officers and our nurse are the very definition of a lifesaver and why we have this award,” County Manager Mark Watson said. “I am proud of their collaboration when seconds mattered to give this man a second chance.”