GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Pictures of MrBeast being handcuffed and arrested by cops after being pulled over have been plastered all over the internet. It’s not what you’re thinking.

Airrack photo (YouTube)

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He was thrown into a holding cell without food or water, but it was all staged by a rival filmmaker who goes by “Airrack.”

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Airrack photo (YouTube)

The video has gained over three million views and counting in less than 24 hours, but it quickly received some backlash saying it was a “poor use of police resources.”

MrBeast is a YouTuber based in Greenville with around 13 million followers who posts comedic vlogs, most known for his “couch series” collaboration with Logan Paul. He then became more recognized for posting similar videos to MrBeast such as expensive vlogs and challenge videos.

Officers pulled MrBeast over in his Tesla and stated it was about his tinted windows. They then pretended to run a check on his license, which revealed a warrant for his arrest over “communicating threats.” He can be seen exiting the vehicle before being handcuffed by officers.

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After being placed in the cell, he was told he could make one phone call. Police officers dialed Airrack’s number for him, thinking it was MrBeast’s lawyer. After a few minutes of him speaking to a “lawyer,” it was revealed that it was all a prank.

Airrack photo (YouTube)

The two popular content creators have had an ongoing prank war for a little over a year now, but this one was extreme. Airrack recruited deputies from the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office in Greenville to stage the fake arrest.

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MrBeast admitted he originally thought it was a prank but after a while became skeptical, thinking that it was a lot of resources for a prank.

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Because he had to have a mugshot taken, there was some pretty clever merch made out of it that Airrack sold on his website for 48 hours.

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