ROCK HILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Celanese Road has become a very busy intersection in the city of Rock Hill, and with increased traffic, it can get pretty noisy.

“When you start to hear it on the regular, all the time, it gets to the point where you really just feel like there’s only certain places in your home that you really kind of want to hang out in,” Rob Luley said.

Rob Luley talking about loud exhaust pipes and mufflers making noise right outside his window. He normally wakes up early in the morning for a cup of coffee, he likes to reflect on the day ahead. But that’s not possible with noisy cars passing his home.

“Loud, very loud, excessively loud exhaust right from rush hour in the morning, and that will continue on and off all day long, and then it peaks and gets significantly worse from probably six o’clock to ten o’clock and then it quiets down,” Luley said.

Luley says he contacted the Rock Hill Police Department about the issue last July, but the problem hasn’t stopped. Lt. Michael Chavis says they’re doing the best they can to enforce the city’s noise ordinance.

“Back in October of last year, we actually had a law enforcement network event where we had 10 different officers from multiple agencies in and around the county that actually went out there and targeted specific for the speeding, the traffic light and noise violations as well and beginning this year, we started that back up again with proactive enforcement in that area,” Chavis said.

Lt. Chavis says it’s important to note that when officers do get those noise complaints about that area, and there are no officers there, they have to dispatch them to the area, and normally by the time they get there, the problem is gone.

One other thing he says is that noise is subjective, what you may think is disturbingly loud level, officers who are in the area trying to enforce the ordinance may not think it rises to the level of a ticket. But if you do get a ticket, you’ll be coming out of pocket $325.