COLUMBIA, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – South Carolina has obtained drugs to carry out lethal injections, according to Gov. Henry McMaster.

McMaster and the S.C. Department of Corrections told the S.C. Supreme Court they are ready to carry out the death penalty via this method on Tuesday.

“Justice has been delayed for too long in South Carolina,” said McMaster. “This filing brings our state one step closer to being able to once again carry out the rule of law and bring grieving families and loved ones the closure they are rightfully owed.”

Since 2017, McMaster has called upon the General Assembly to pass a Shield Statue, which ‘protects, among other things, the identity of individuals or entities involved in the planning or execution of a death sentence.’

After signing it into law on May 12, the department continued its efforts to secure the drugs with the new provision. Officials say SCDC ‘made more than 1,300 contacts in search of lethal injection drugs.’

Through the process, SCDC was able to secure the drug pentobarbital for this type of execution.